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Best and Cheap Web Hosting Services for Beginners

Making money online is one of the most favoured ways of earning these days. This is the reason that most of the youths are getting attracted towards it. The first and most important step of online business ladder is certainly hosting. Being a newbie it is recommended to be careful enough while choosing your hosting option. Here we have presented a comparative dig between different hosting plans that suits best for the beginners. Have a look!


Shared Hosting:

Undoubtedly, Shared hosting is something most recommended for a newbie as here the expense is too less. Bluehost shared hosting is certainly an excellent option for the newbie users. Here 99.9% uptime is quite sure. In addition, they offer 30 days money back guarantee. The plan starts just at expense of Rs. 239 per month. However, if you opt for the Pro pack then it will cost about Rs. 390. Here you can enjoy infinite domain, infinite disk space, infinite data transfer, infinite mail, etc.

The hosting supports well the scripting languages like PHP 5, Perl, Python, cURL, CGI, mcrypt, etc.

Bluehost VPS:

Bluehost VPS is a good option that stands as an intermediate option between very new users and extremely professional. Here you can enjoy 99.9 % server uptime, perfectly managed support, revamped SAN based storage. The plan well begins just at the expense of Rs. 1, 1199 per month.

Anyway, being a beginner the Bluehost shared hosting is a better suitable option for you.


HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator undoubtedly is one of the very popular names in hosting arena standing next after Bluehost. They involve attractive shared hosting plans. You can always expect your site get ready with full flow as quick as possible through HostGator. They apply the sleekest drag and drop site building facility.


Through the Shared Hatchling plan you can now enjoy about 20 percent off. Facilities like infinite disk space, infinite bandwidth, Shared SSL certificate make it one of the preferred options for beginners. The offer starts at just $3.96 per month.

Being specific, the Baby plan is most exciting and popular of them. In fact, they offer about 20 percent off on it these days. With all excellent facilities the plan starts just at $6.36 per month.

As your business grows you can go with the business plan that offers 20 percent off. Apart from all expected facilities you can enjoy Free Private SSL & IP, Free Toll Free number.

Coupon Codes:

You can still be at more advantageous side through the coupon codes. Through Bluehost coupon codes you can enjoy about 83 percent off along free domain. In the same way, HostGator coupon codes make you available with about 50 percent off. Visit this website to know more about HostGator coupons.


DreamHost hosting is another fine hosting option for newbie users. They have excellent shared hosting plan that can be perfect for blogging sites. They offer free domain, infinite storage, infinite bandwidth, mail, etc facilities available.

The 97 day money back warranty makes them more trusted. The best part is that here you can start just at $8.95 per month.

VPS Plans:

DreamHost managed VPS hosting with SSDs is a great option for coders, designers, ecommerce purpose, etc. DreamHost has one of the most flexible custom control panels. They offer facilities at unbelievable $15 per month.

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Why is BlueHost the web Hosting Choice for WordPress Bloggers?

WordPress and BlueHost

WordPress is understandably one of the easiest blogging tools out there. Owing to its multi functionality and easiness of use, it has marched ahead as a preferred blogging platform among bloggers. Most people start with free WordPress domains, but sooner or later, would find themselves needing a decent web hosting service provider that supports WordPress. BlueHost would be your best bet with its user friendly interface and WordPress compatible design. Installing WordPress on a BlueHost website takes very less and can be done manually or automatically. Bluehost can be very cost effective when you use Bluehost coupon 2015 from easwaytohosting blog.

bluehost coupons

Why WordPress?

The following features make WordPress an easy choice for most bloggers.

  • It is absolutely free. You can use it for myriad reasons; personal, business, promotional or commercial. WordPress always remains free. However, if you want to host your WordPress blog on a domain, it is a different story. You might have to pay for the hosting service then.
  • It is one of the most advanced open source software available out there. The kind of features and update schedule that you see in WordPress makes one wonder whether this really is a free service.
  • Great support for plugins on WordPress platform. New plugins and updates are released frequently by various WordPress developers and all of them integrate seamlessly with the WordPress blog. It is easy to search for these plugins and configure them.
  • The free WordPress themes available can give an entirely new feel to your blog. You are free to change your theme anytime you want without changing your layout or contents.
  • It is SEO friendly. This can help you drive traffic to your blog

Why use BlueHost for WordPress hosting?

BlueHost is the unchallenged choice when it comes to hosting a WordPress blog. Given below are reasons why.

  • 100% WordPress compatibility: BlueHost is specifically designed with WordPress blogs in mind which is why it ticks almost all the technical requirements needed to host a WordPress blog like Apache, MySQL and PHP. The backend cPanel control panel is an awesome way to exercise control over every aspects of the website.
  • Affordable price: BlueHost has gained popularity among WordPress users due to its affordable price packages. There are no hidden charges included and you can opt out any time you want. Visit the BlueHost website today to find out an attractive package for you.
  • Free domain name: BlueHost offers free domain name with the web hosting package hence you don’t have to spend anything more on acquiring a domain name for your website.
  • Attractive features: Apart from the above, BlueHost offers a wide array of attractive features for WordPress hosting like unlimited disk space, limitless data transfer, bandwidth, cPanel control etc.

All the above listed features make BlueHost a natural choice for hosting your WordPress blog. Checkout Bluehost vs HostGator hosting comparison. You can host more than one WordPress blog in one hosting account so you get maximum value for your money. Visit BlueHost website to find out more about their attractive packages and host your website today!

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Fundamental Features Of Free Website Hosting

If you are seeking for a free hosting solution, then it is the best decision you need to make. However, it is essential to find reliable and expert web host. This process can be a daunting task for you, when you have various choices to opt for. Therefore, consider the features of free web hosting services to compare different companies, based on those features.

web hosting

Some features of free web hosting are mentioned below:

  • Bandwidth and disk space

Disk space defines as the amount of storage space allocated to you by a company, offering free hosting solutions. In fact, it will be used to place your website applications and files, incorporating images, text audio and many others, you have for your site. While, bandwidth defines as the amount of web traffic, which is enabled to access and go away from your site. From the access, it means that every tome a viewer enters your website name in their web browser. In addition, leave means each time a viewers gets something from your site, be it a seeing an image, downloading a file, listening to an audio or watching a movie.

  • FTP and Website Creator

If you have your site for the first time and you have restricted or no scripting experience, it is essential to seek for a free web hosting company, which provides a free site creating application or file where you can make your site simply by picking up a template and inserting your own images and text.

When it comes to FTP, it stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is defined as the process to transfer your web files from your laptops or computers to the web server free of cost. This permits you in uploading your completed web files or pages from your devices to the server of your selected company. You can also download your files from server, where they are hosted back to your PC. A good and reliable free web hosting company must provide with 24×7 unlimited FTP access.

  • Support and uptime

You must confirm that the web hosting company must offer reliable and free email and telephone support services. It is because there might be several issues related to the failure of web server.

  • Email

In addition, your web-hosting provider must offer you email services. This way, you can set up your email accounts. Along with a webmail interface, the email service must also incorporate SMTP and POP3 access to offer you a chance to setup and access your web domain with the help of your devices such as mobiles and many others.

  • Price

It is essential to anticipate absolutely nothing for all the fundamental features with the free hosting company. You must not need to sacrifice price with banner ads.

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