Fundamental Features Of Free Website Hosting

If you are seeking for a free hosting solution, then it is the best decision you need to make. However, it is essential to find reliable and expert web host. This process can be a daunting task for you, when you have various choices to opt for. Therefore, consider the features of free web hosting services to compare different companies, based on those features.

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Some features of free web hosting are mentioned below:

  • Bandwidth and disk space

Disk space defines as the amount of storage space allocated to you by a company, offering free hosting solutions. In fact, it will be used to place your website applications and files, incorporating images, text audio and many others, you have for your site. While, bandwidth defines as the amount of web traffic, which is enabled to access and go away from your site. From the access, it means that every tome a viewer enters your website name in their web browser. In addition, leave means each time a viewers gets something from your site, be it a seeing an image, downloading a file, listening to an audio or watching a movie.

  • FTP and Website Creator

If you have your site for the first time and you have restricted or no scripting experience, it is essential to seek for a free web hosting company, which provides a free site creating application or file where you can make your site simply by picking up a template and inserting your own images and text.

When it comes to FTP, it stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is defined as the process to transfer your web files from your laptops or computers to the web server free of cost. This permits you in uploading your completed web files or pages from your devices to the server of your selected company. You can also download your files from server, where they are hosted back to your PC. A good and reliable free web hosting company must provide with 24×7 unlimited FTP access.

  • Support and uptime

You must confirm that the web hosting company must offer reliable and free email and telephone support services. It is because there might be several issues related to the failure of web server.

  • Email

In addition, your web-hosting provider must offer you email services. This way, you can set up your email accounts. Along with a webmail interface, the email service must also incorporate SMTP and POP3 access to offer you a chance to setup and access your web domain with the help of your devices such as mobiles and many others.

  • Price

It is essential to anticipate absolutely nothing for all the fundamental features with the free hosting company. You must not need to sacrifice price with banner ads.

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